You may be here because you've heard first-hand stories of the efficiency and ruthlessness of Catch Wrestling. You may have seen my multi-page feature in Black Belt Magazine, or read that Black Belt Magazine honored me as one of the world's top-20 street fighters. You may have seen my state-of-the-art strength and conditioning ideas written about in American Health and Fitness Magazine. You may have read a review of my seminal submission grappling series, The Lost Art of Hooking. Or, you may be one of the countless fighters and grapplers who has turned to me to learn a complete and fully integrated fighting system — one that, when properly mastered, will not only turn you into a dominant all-around fighter, but will in fact transform you into the kind of person who feels confident and at ease in just about any surroundings.





Regardless of your reason for visiting, you've come to the right place. And here's why: Tony Cecchine's American Catch Wrestling — while adaptable to sport competition — is first and foremost reality based. True, I've trained men and women who have fought and won in such events as UFC, Pancrase, NAGA, IFC, and the like. But more importantly, my teachings have helped change (and in some cases even save) lives. Because in the world outside the ring or cage, there is no tapping out — and people who train with the availability of a ready concession in mind will be unprepared for the potentially more brutal reality of the streets.


We routinely train amateur athletes in such sports as MMA, boxing, wrestling, track and field, powerlifting, and more. 


We specialize in the combat sport athlete. Look for us in events such as the UFC and other MMA combat arenas. 

We have special training opportunities to help develop your striking, defense, footwork, and groundfighting skills, as well as world class conditioning.

We have trained local, regional, national, international, and world champions. Be it NAGA or the UFC or anything in between, I've trained men and women for the competitive mat, ring, and cage. See why such luminaries as Eric Paulsen, Josh Barnett, Jason Godsey, Shonie Carter, and many others recommend training with Tony Cecchine, and be assured that you will learn a complete and devastating fighting style from top to bottom, and feet to the ground, and be in the finest shape of your life.


•Cadiovascular fitness training
•Strength training
•Striking offensively
•Defensive tactics to counter strikers and wrestlers
•Wrestling fundamentals and advanced submissions
•Advance ring/cage strategies
•Specialized training



Even if you're not an elite competitor, you can benefit from the elite training you'll receive at CFA. Young or old. Male or female. 

This is your opportunity to train at the home of champions. Whether your goal is self defense, competition, weight loss, strength gains, etc., we have a structured program that can be tailored for your needs. While our gym is truly the home to champions, you can be assured that your training will be isolated and one-on-one. In essence, the gym will be yours for your private or semi-private lesson. You will never be put into a group class, or thrust with someone far more experienced than you. You will be given an interview and free assessment so that a custom designed training regimen will be developed for your needs. It's 100% tailored to YOU! You will have access to:


•Top of the line exercise machines to cover every body part needed for training
•Customized and one-of-a-kind equipment tailored and designed by us to develop world class strength
•Thousands of pounds of free weights
•Olympic bars and benches
•Cardio machines such as Elliptical, treadmill, and exercise bikes
•Personal sauna
•Heavy, Thai, water, double end, and speed bags
•Completely matted exercise area
•Off street parking 

•Plus more Don't hesitate to make the changes needed to your mind, body, and spirit. Call us or send an email today to get started creating the new you!