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Catch Wrestling

Home of the world renowned Tony Cecchine's American Catch Wrestling. Whether you're interested in sport grapplig, MMA, or self-defense, we have the best training designed specifically for your needs. Check out www.catchwrestle.com


Learn boxing, kickboxing, striking for MMA, and self defense. These are time tested techniques that will help you emerge victorious.

Street Fighting

Leave the sports mindset at the door. Our techniques are designed for one purpose only. To save your life in vicious, real world encounters.

Welcome To The Chicago Fighting Academy Website

Learn In Privacy

Learn In Privacy We specialize in one-on-one, and semi-private personalized and customized training sessions.

Time Saving

Time Saving Call or email us to set up a time to train that is convenient for YOU! Early morning and evening sessions available.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective Pay as you go. No monthly contracts. Buy a block of lessons to fit your budget as well as your needs.

Get The CFA OK

Get The CFA OK Being a Chicago Fighting Academy student means you're receiving the finest in personal training available anywhere. It's all OK.


Support Your training doesn't start and stop in the gym. We're always here for you by email and phone as well.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly CFA members get regular text alerts and fitness/motivational tips. It's another way that we make the experience personal.


We routinely train amateur athletes in such sports as MMA, boxing, wrestling, track and field, powerlifting, and more.

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We specialize in the combat sport athlete. Look for us in events such as the UFC and other MMA combat arenas.

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Even if you're not an elite competitor, you can benefit from the elite training you'll receive at CFA. Young or old. Male or female.

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Power Of The Body

Learn to control your body and cultivate it to reach unimaginable levels.


Power Of The Mind

Everything starts as a thought in your mind. Gain ultimate power and strength.

  • Conquer your fears;
  • Reach and exceed your goals;
  • Gain self control;
  • Go beyond your limits;
  • Gain enormous strength;
  • Have world class fitness.
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    Purchase some of our fighting and fitness DVDs.

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    The ultimate fighting DVDs available for sport and self defense. Learn proven and tested methods to thwart your attacker.

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Welcome To Our Website
Posted on April 17, 2012
Welcome to the Chicago Fighting Academy website. This site is a companion site to the Chicago Fitness Academy as well as the famous catchwrestle.com. We launched this site specifically for our Chicago ..


The Chicago Fighting Academy is home to several world record holders, as well as top level professional fighters, and self defense experts. It is a unique environment to gain the best in strength, fitness, wellness, and overall body/mind development.

Learn privately or in small group classes.

  • Early morning sessions are available
  • Saturday and Sunday sessions available by appointment

Contact Us for more details.



Chicago Fighting Academy
Chicago, Il. USA/Bensenville, Il. USA
(312) 985-6001

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Jerry Linise

"This is the best video on armbars available. Nothing, repeat nothing I have ever seen comes close to the level of technique displayed here. It has changed the way a lot of people now approach submissions. This is the benchmark!"

Jerry Linise

Bill T.

"Tony, you are a dangerous man. I felt sorry for the guys in this video......ouch!!"

Bill T.

Tony Pappas

"What a terrific video! It covers the fundamentals and it enters into strategies that I would never have thought of. Just the way Tony teaches to slip punches was worth it for me, but add in Bruce's stuff and you just can't go wrong. This is really great stuff."

Tony Pappas


“After seeing Tony Cecchine demonstrate the holds of catch wrestling, it's hard to see anyone else's performance in the same light.”

Online Quote, J.C.

Online Video Review

"While I am familiar with Leg Locks and have been taught numerous variations on the Achilles and heelhook by various instructors I have never seen the positions that Tony demonstrates. Tony's body and leg positioning is such that he completely controls his opponent the whole time he is applying the leg lock, from entry to finish."                           

Online Video Review

Ed Spezio

"What's so great about this tape is that I can actually do all of the exercises, albeit not even close to the level you'll have us attain. These are functional and are a serious threat to that roll of fat around my middle. The plyometrics is what's needed with me. I have to be pushed. This tape does that in spades."

Ed Spezio

Tim Hogan

"I received the Seminar Series as part of the Titanium Package. I am speechless at what I saw. I learned so much. Like Tony promised, I am no longer stuck on the bottom. I no longer fall victim to the B.S. that being on the bottom is superior. Tony's Catch Wrestling is what's superior. it's truly changed the way I think and fight."   

Tim Hogan

Russ Walker

"In this day and age of hype and exaggeration, Tony has shut up a lot of people. When I witnessed his curls on this tape I knew that this man knows what he's talking about....in all arenas. It is astonishing the power he possesses and thankfully by applying his exercises, I have now added 35 pounds to my curl in 6 weeks."          

Russ Walker

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